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HitechTiger Framed 5 String Fiddle/Violin (Perfect 4 BlueGrass)
HitechTiger Framed 5 String Fiddle/Violin (Perfect 4  BlueGrass)
HitechTiger Framed 5 String Fiddle/Violin (Perfect 4 BlueGrass)
Item#: Hitech-violin1
Regular price: $285.00
Sale price: $225.00

Product Description

4 String or 5 String Tiger Framed HiTech Violin

New String Instrument: Tiger Framed HiTech Violin
Amazing 4 String HiTech Violin or
5 String HiTech Violin in Just 3 minutes!

4 or 5 String Music Instrument Violin

Regular Price $185.00

Now is only $99.00! Festival Sales.

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bullet_tick You can change to a 4 String or 5 String in this Tiger Framed HiTech Violin.  
bullet_tick All BerkeleyWind's string instruments come with a 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee.
bullet_tick Any Berkeley's Instrument we sold, We do buy back!!
Another reason that our customers are happy to buy from us is that we offer trade in policy.  We want you to be our long term customers. 

Loaded with beautiful features.

green_tick We have been making 5 string violins since last years. Many people love it and now we even have this New Hi-Tech Violin for the 21st Century! Because this violin is much thicker, using viola's thickness, therefore the sound produce is much much better than regular violin. So far, we have 100% players love this new tech violin. How about you?
green_tick Brand new violins made with new-to-industry tiger-maple-venired plywood on back and sides. (We found out this special wood produces much better sound than solid wood and it also cost even more).
green_tick Violin is as thick as a 15" viola, this is to accentuate low frequencies - which really helps when you play Low C String. Included an extra 5 string tailpiece! You can change back to 4 string violin in 3 mins.
green_tick Can quickly and easily be set up for 5 string play as well! Nut/pillow is preslotted with seven slots to easily accommodate four or five string play.
green_tick Tiger maple has never before been manufactured on instrument grade plywood. (The reason is because it need a special machine do inlay) These are the first and only violins in the world to use this new space-age material.
green_tick Fingerboard is marked for easy reference and tuning for beginner violin players (you can tune violin like guitar) - something you never see!. 
green_tick It also comes with best violin bow, big violin rosin and HQ violin case. (See below pictures).

You'll only find this Brand New Music Instrument Violin in

violinmusic instrument violin4 string violin
Violin Bridge
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5 String Tiger Framed Violin
Tiger Framed Violin
Violin Bout
Violin Scroll
5 String Violin With Violin Bow
5 String Violin With Violin Bow In Case
Violin Case
HiTech Violin Maple Back
Violin Shoulder Rest
Tiger Frame Violin Thickness
HQ Violin Case

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for more information at (1 510 9180008).

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